Friday, November 21, 2008

Complete library of cooking vol 1

Complete library of cooking vol 1

I want to use this blog to share my interests with those that stop by as well as give them some value from time to time. Considering the fact that I am passionate about cooking The Complete Library of Cooking series fits well.

Here is volume one... Click here to access

This volume, which is the first of the set, deals with the essentials of cooking as well as the preparation of cereals, breads and hot breads. In Essentials of Cooking Part 1 you will learn about the selection, buying, and care of food, as well as other matters that will lead to familiarity with terms used in cooking and to efficiency in the preparation of food.

In Cereals the cooking and serving of cereals of all kinds are discussed.

In Breads all the ingredients required for bread and rolls of every kind as well as the processes and recipes to be followed in making and baking them are described.

Utensils for the preparation of food are described, as well as labor-saving devices, so as to enable beginners in the art of cooking to become acquainted with them quickly.

In addition, this volume contains breakfast, luncheon, and dinner menus that will enable you to put into practical, every-day use many of the recipes given.

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